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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Talespinner » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:27 pm

Hello, all! Welcome to the Talespinner: A Roleplaying Game forum and community!
In order to keep things civil and productive in any social environment, we need to set a few rules regarding how we conduct ourselves. It can't be helped, so please bear with me:

1: There is no such thing as a wrong opinion.
While people can be wrong about facts, people's preferences differ. A preference is never wrong. You can like what you like, I can like what I like. Sometimes, there are good reasons to hold preferences, and you can always illustrate why you hold a different preference using arguments. Keep in mind, however, that if you fail to convince someone, then that doesn't make their preference inferior. Nor are you under any obligation to switch preferences. There's no such thing as a lofty preference of higher standing.
As with any hobby, roleplaying knows its share of snobs who believe that their own way of doing things is superior to other people's ways of doing things. Please keep in mind that on this forum, there is no such thing as a wrong opinion. A preference is never a factual statement.
2: Keep it civil.
Discussions and debates are great, but refrain from insulting one another and don't use slurs. Don't belittle one another. Try to see one another's points of views, even if you disagree, and back up disagreements with arguments.
3: Be nice.
With this, I basically mean: Do not troll people. A bit of banter is fine, of course, but it's fine when everyone is in on the joke. Text conversations aren't perfect, so if you do decide on banter, make it perfectly clear that it's just that, banter. This forum is for casual, friendly conversation. Not for getting a rise out of people so that you can laugh at them.
4: Don't be overly defensive.
We make all sorts of things and want to share them, but not everyone might agree with your vision. When you create something, you are attached to it, and it is normal to be a bit defensive when someone else offers some criticism. Keep in mind that you don't have to agree with that criticism, and that the criticism can also be used to make your creation even better. As long as rule #2 is observed, criticism is constructive and helpful. You are not a failure for receiving criticism; you are a success because someone deems your creation worthy of their meticulous attention.
5: Stay on Topic.
Don't wander too far off the topic at hand, and don't post things in sections that are inappropriate for those posts.
6: Don't hijack someone else's posts.
Simple, really: Don't make someone else's post about you. If someone posts a homebrew, don't insert your own homebrew there. Don't steal other people's ideas. Create your own things. If you want to use someone else's ideas, ask them if you can, and credit them in your own post.
7: No spam or advertisement posts.
This forum is dedicated to this game in particular. It's fine to have a link or two in your signature, but don't flood the forum with advertisement about other products. Also don't clutter the forum with the same post multiple times.
8: No copyrighted material.
Please don't infringe on other people's copyrights, trademarks or similar rights to intellectual property. Try to give credit to the creators of content such as open source artwork.
9: No porn or other explicit content.
The internet is full of it, and you can find what you're looking for elsewhere. Nothing wrong with a little debauchery, but this is not the place for it.
10: No illegal activity.
This speaks for itself, though cases of legality do, of course, differ per region. I expect this to not turn up much if rule #5 is observed, but I also understand that in some regions, discussions about how to build certain items or synthesize certain chemicals might be illegal. For that reason, please don't be too specific in describing the processes for your Crafting ideas.
11: One account each.
There is no valid reason to have more than one account per human body.
12: Use the Search function.
Your question may have been answered before; seeing the same questions pop up again and again pushes other conversations to the background.
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