The Darkening - “Eradicator Mk.II Patrol bot” CS 20

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The Darkening - “Eradicator Mk.II Patrol bot” CS 20

Post by leonelescantre » Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:55 pm

“Eradicator Mk.II Patrol bot” CS 20
F/N/W: 4/1/1
Assault weapons 3, Athletics 3, Armour 4

Armoured, Weapon resistant 2, Hivemind, Armour piercing 2, Mechanical
Slow, Weakness EMP (Astramancy/Electricity Damage is directly converted to AP Fatigue damage)

When below half wounds:
Eradicator barrage volley
Make an attack against the person who triggered this event or following attention by Designating one square within sight no more than 2 squares away from the target. Every creature within 4 squares from the designated square takes damage equal to the highest ability score[4] of this creature. Damage is halved by making a Nim+Athletics TN10 check to duck for cover. Damage cannot be armour piercing and can be absorbed and converted by armour.

Meta notes:
The Eradicator MK.ll Patrol Bot is an autonimous weaponssystem. A converter Warbot was used as a heavy duty patrol unit. Armed with heavy weapons and missiles, this Patrol Bot is quite capable of killing a small group of Humans or atleast mortally wounding them. With it's automatic absorb value and high wounds, this is a very dangerous opponent when facing it with normal weapons.

It's clear drawbacks are it's very small Fatigue pool and the fact that it's Slow. This makes running away from it a viable option when fighting it is imposible. It also has a clear weakness that can be exploited. When EMP granades or weapons are used to deal damage, this will directly bypass the armour and auto absorb + deal extra damage and sap it's fatigue pool.
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Re: The Darkening - “Eradicator Mk.II Patrol bot” CS 20

Post by Talespinner » Tue Nov 16, 2021 2:24 am

Really like this. It packs a real punch, has good damage soak, but smart play can turn the tables real fast on this one. Head-on punching won't do you fast enough to not get hurt, especially when the group is in the 3-region of things, but there's many ways to exploit its small fatigue pool and relatively short range (size 1 creature, with one-handed autopistol gattling set (inferred from picture)).

A really good 'Prey' encounter! Clever hunters can take it down, just don't try fighting it.
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Post by ChinaDip » Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:04 am

; Sure,let me me check what I have available,may only have a set of seconds in the bolt on left,probably make some more sets later this winter,I will email you ASAP?  Thanks

; ;

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